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Stripped down - The Series


My names Amber, and i'm gonna strip down.

So, last November I damaged the cartilage in my hip. This meant I could do absolutely no exercise - even driving, walking or getting out of bed were a struggle for me somedays.

Anyone who knows me at all will know how much I love the gym, HIIT and weights being my savior for almost all my problems in life. I was honestly devastated, crying at the prospect of not being able to work out for months on end, worrying endlessly about getting fat and losing all my muscle I’d worked so hard to gain. Petrified of going traveling because that meant I’d have to wear a bikini and show what I perceived as my “out of shape” body to the world. Obsessing over my calorie intake and feeling guilt ridden if I deemed myself to have overate. No matter how much my friends reassured me I looked great, my Body Dysmorphia Disorder was at an all time high and not being able to train felt like the rug had been ripped from under my feet. But ultimately what choice did I have? I knew I’d regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t go on this trip just because of my perceived aesthetic. 

Less than 7 weeks of traveling my entire mindset switched ✌🏼 I was just so GRATEFUL to be in Asia with my best friend, GRATEFUL that my hip was almost healed and GRATEFUL for the fact I have all four limbs and the ability to breath/laugh/learn/see/feel/love/etc!!!

I have cellulite, stretch-marks, my stomachs definitely been flatter and yeah, I’ve definitely lost muscle tone... BUT SO? There is so much more to life than your aesthetic! The quicker you’re able to accept yourself for your flaws AND your amazing attributes the happier you’ll be 🙌🏼 for any woman/man/alien out there feeling stressed about their “beach bod”... you’re already perfect💕 Your image is the least important thing you bring to this world.

Remember you are so much more than a tan, a six pack or being completely cellulite free & if anyone ever makes you feel like anything less then you can just be like THANK YOU, NEXT.

THANK YOU AMBER for stripping down with us - you QUEEN! Take a look at our Christmas gift box below. They're stacked with our all vegan friendly, plastic/cruelty/sls free soap bars, which are made right here in the U.K. If you're gonna strip down, make sure you do it with nuddy!