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Top 5 Sustainable Underwear Brands We're Obsessed With.

We all love a revamp of our underwear drawer. Throwing out those holey old pants (we all have them) and parting ways with our beloved, worn out push up bras is a rite of passage for most of us, and with that comes a restock of briefs, Brazilians and thongs galore. Whilst it can be SUPER tempting to raid the £1 section at your nearest Primark, we all know that these are not the most sustainable of garments.

Investing in ethically made clothing is a more ethical decision, for a whole load of reasons. These garments are much higher quality, meaning they will last you MUCH longer, all whilst being better for the planet and ensuring fair wages are paid to their manufacturers. Not sure where to start? We've rounded up our top 5 sustainable undie brands that will help you get in the nuddy, all whilst helping the environment.

Stripe & Stare

 Blonde woman in pink and white underwear

Featured in the likes of Vogue, Glamour and Elle, Stripe and Stare are the self professed 'world's comfiest underwear', which is a huge green flag for us. All of Stripe and Stare's products are made from an eco friendly fabric called TENCEL™ Modal, which is made from wood pulp from sustainable tree farms. This means that their knickers are 95% biodegradable. We also love the fact that they plant a tree with every order - what more could you want?

Fruity Booty 

Girl in black knickers

Fun, bright and sexy, Fruity Booty have some of the coolest underwear around. All products are made with dead stock and sustainable materials, with 80% of Fruity Booty products made from surplus fabrics and materials, which would otherwise be heading straight to landfill. We also love the brand's zero single use plastic policy - all products are received from their manufacturers in recycled packaging and products are sent to customers in recyclable brown paper mailing bags and organza drawstring bags that are designed to be reused. We're obsessed.


Nude underwear on woman

Winner of Marie Claire's Best Sustainable Underwear Brand, Nudea's mission is to 'create supportive and functional underwear that looks great, feels great and is kinder to the planet'. Their underwear is created using recycled materials, all packaging is fully biodegradable and the brand is fully carbon neutral. We also love that the brand give customers a laundry bag to help ensure garments last as long as possible - now that's amazing attention to detail.

Luva Huva

Woman in black lacey underwear

Founded by Joanna Ketterer in 2008, Luva Huva is a sustainable underwear brand based in Brighton. Joanna's background in textiles and passion for eco friendly, handcrafted clothing inspired her to these create beautiful garments. All Luva Huva orders are made from scratch, using local suppliers and producers whenever possible. Plus, all packaging is 100% plastic free and garments are made to ANY size. Bonus points for inclusivity.


Woman in black underwear

"We swap the greenwashing for integrity and accountability" -  all of the yes to this. We love a brand that takes action and Knickey is definitely one of these. All of their underwear is made with certified organic cotton - plus, they have the most incredible recycling programme that allows you to turn old underwear into new materials like insulation, carpet padding and furniture batting. We love the fact that they have published their 2021 Sustainability Impact Report on site, too - it's super refreshing to see REAL facts and figures behind the word sustainable.