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How To Be Sustainable On A Budget.

There's never been a more important time to keep an eye on your spending than right now. The UK's cost of living crisis is escalating, with devastating results. 91% of adults in Great Britain reported an increase in their cost of living between June and July 2022, and the Bank of England have predicted a recession in Q4 of 2022. With all this in mind, it's obvious that many of us are looking at ways we can save money here and there.

So how does sustainability come into this? Many money saving activities can also be MUCH better for the planet - reducing waste, upcycling etc. Not everyone has the budget to do EVERYTHING as sustainably as possible - but by trying some of these penny saving hacks, you can also make some more earth friendly decisions.

Reuse + recycle

 Plastic bottles on shelves

When you run out of something, most of the time we look to buying a replacement as a solution - but can you replace it with something you already own instead? Of course, this doesn't apply to everything, but there are loads of ways you can use things you already own to problem solve. For example, old clothes make for excellent cleaning rags. Cardboard packaging and (clean) wrappers can be saved up to make for a whole host of craft material for kids. You can even use old jars as storage containers - just look at Pinterest for some inspo. All of these actions may seem small, but they can help prevent you from wasting money on things you already have at home - plus, they reduce on environmental waste, too.

Invest in long lasting products

Girl holding soap and shampoo bars

Often, we're told that cheaper products are the best way to save money - and sometimes they are. But often these don't last very long, and more money can be wasted on replacing them more frequently. Choosing long life products is a waaaay more cost effective decision - from frozen foods, to dilutable cleaning products, there are so many ways you can ensure the things you buy go a long way. Take our shampoo bars for example - their solid formula means they will last you 2-3 times longer than their liquid counterpart, all whilst cutting down on plastic and water wastage. Interested? You can find them HERE.

Thrift shopping

Thrift shop

Rather than splashing cash on new clothes, you can find some absolute gems in local charity and second hand shops. From basics to quirky going out outfits, you can find a whole load of gems - British Red Cross even have a Zara section. If you want something specific but don't fancy paying a fortune for it, you can even use a fashion rental platform like Loanhood or Hirestreet to loan some glam pieces, without the commitment. This is much better for the environment, too.

Plan your weekly food shop

Food shopping

Being strategic with your weekly menu is an excellent way to save the pennies easily. Whilst popping into the shops on your way home from work might be easier, often it means you'll end up much more food waste. Planning your weekly shop means you can buy exactly what you need and use those ingredients night by night, rather than being more spontaneous and ending up throwing out half the contents of your fridge. Many families have been food planning for decades, and it's no wonder why - its super simple, but effective money and waste saving hack.

Sharing is caring

People eating food around a dinner table

As the theme song goes, everyone needs good neighbours. Whether these are next door, or just your group of close friends and family, borrowing and lending is a great way to waste less and save more. From kitchen utensils, to those tins you aren't using in the back of the cupboard, to clothes, swapping and sharing is another super simple way you can save some pennies. Because, let's face it, there are SO many things you only need to use once in a while - why not share it and split the cost?