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Top 5 Slow Living Tips For The Summer.

In a world where you can access many things in an instant - news, products, people - it's easy to see why many of us struggle to slow down. The fast pace around us has its perks, but it can leave many of us struggling to really appreciate  things properly - plus, it can have a hugely negative impact on the environment. 

The art of slow living comes down to a few things. It is a process of living life with purpose, appreciating every aspect of things and making meaningful choices. It's beneficial to the individual mentally and physically, whilst also having a positive impact on the environment, too. When the Covid 19 pandemic hit in 2020, the world was forced to slow down. Two years on, many things have sped back up again, but Coronavirus really sparked a conversation about how a slower approach to life can be beneficial to us all.

Interested? We're looking at 5 simple ways you can practice slow living in your day to day life. 

Reduce your fast fashion consumption.

Girl looking round thrift store

Did you know that textile production contributes more to climate change than international aviation and shipping combined? Whilst many clothing brands boast sustainability credits, one thing is for sure: the most sustainable pieces of clothing are the ones that are already in your wardrobe. If you do need to update your wardrobe, try shopping from second hand sources to give some more life into pre loved items and save on the emissions + water usage. If you're looking for some anti fast fashion brands, make sure to check out our fave slow fashion companies here.

Cook your meals from scratch.

Cooking pizza from scratch

Whether you're a keen chef or not, cooking from scratch can be really therapeutic. Taking time to assemble a meal and seeing that hard work come together will help you to appreciate your food more, plus it can save on a whole load of waste. Cutting back on plastic package ready meals and planning out your meals for the week will help you to eliminate the chance of overstocking up and having to throw away any food that's gone off. Oh, and your meals will taste EVEN better.

Grow more plants.

Plants in room

Much like cooking from scratch, becoming a self confessed 'plant mom' can do wonders. Why not try growing your own herbs or veggies? Not only can you incorporate these into your cooking, the process of growth will help you really appreciate the journey that produce takes to get from the ground to your plate. Also, all that greenery will help to reduce CO2 from the atmosphere, meaning you can play your own part in the climate change battle, from your own home.

Spend with intent.

Girl browsing supermarket

It's fairly obvious that making more penny conscious decisions will help your finances, but have you ever considered how it can help the planet too? It can be really tempting to have a stroll around Home Bargains and fill your basket with exciting things - but how much of that do you really need? Whilst it's an easy thing to disassociate from, everything you purchase has had its own life cycle of production, manufacturing and transportation, all of which will have negatively impacted the planet in multiple ways. Spending money when and where you really need it will help you save the pennies, whilst also massively helping to minimise waste and carbon emissions.

Minimalise your routine.

Product layout

One scroll through TikTok and you will be greeted with hundreds of products that promise to change your life. Whilst it can be super exciting to try out and test new things, minimalising your beauty routine is a key way you can take a slower approach to your lifestyle. Investing in the basics and reminding yourself to buy what you need, rather than what you want will help to streamline your routine.

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