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Your Ultimate Plastic Free Shaving Routine.

With the sun out in full force throughout the UK atm, it's safe to say that British Summertime is well and truly here. Whilst this is exciting on MANY levels, it also brings with it the weekly plague of hair removal if you're a keen shaver. Keeping those pins silky smooth is no easy task, especially if you're prone to the dreaded razor burn that comes with regular shaving.

Luckily for you, we have the perfect solution. Our ultimate shaving routine is here to save YOUR skin - figuratively AND literally. What's even more impressive, is the fact it's 100% plastic free, too. Gone are the days of plastic disposable razors, and bottled shaving foam, our routine will transform your grooming routine and your bathroom, plastic free style. So, what are you waiting for? Jump aboard the plastic free journey.

STEP 1: Scrub it down

Body scrub jar held against body

The first step to super smooth, irritation free skin is exfoliation. Buffing away that dry skin and getting rid of any trapped dirt helps to free your pores and prevent any ingrown hairs. This helps to prep the skin for shaving, minimising the chance of any razor burn or irritation. So, where can you find a plastic free body scrub, we hear you ask? Well, we have two for you to choose from.

If you're looking for a super hydrating scrub, you need to try our Pink Strawberry Himalayan Salt Body Scrub. It's packed with 3 naturally moisturising oils (apricot kernel, sunflower and sweet almond, FYI), meaning your legs will be left feeling extra nourished after scrubbing. Its oil based formula is also perfect for getting rid of any left over fake tan marks. We also have our Coffee and Vanilla Pod Body Scrub. This is amazing for buffing away any body acne, and improving the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Basically, these two exfoliating heroes are the perfect, plastic free way to prep your body for the ultimate shave.


STEP 2: Lather up, baby

Soap bar being held against leg

Next step is lathering up. Rather than opting for a harshly fragranced, shaving foam, or a cheap, drying shower gel, grab one of our Super Moisturising Shea Butter Soap Bars. They are created using raw African Shea Butter, which helps to nourish the skin as you clean. Completely free from drying ingredients like SLS, Paraben and Phthalates, our bars make for the perfect shaving companion - just add water and watch as they create the perfect lather. Choose from our 6 incredible scents, or opt for our Fragrance Free bar if you're a little on the sensitive side.


STEP 3: Shave it real good

Girl holding razor to armpit

Now time for the main event. We can guarantee you've never experienced a razor like ours before. Designed with one blade to reduce friction, our Full Body Safety Razor gives a super smooth shave, all whilst minimising the chance of itchy, razor bump filled skin. It's no wonder it was awarded Cosmopolitan's Top Hair Removal Device in their 2021 Summer Beauty Awards and named Good Housekeeping's Best Plastic Free Shaving Subscription Service. You can save 33% when you sign up to our razor subscription and get fresh blades delivered monthly, plus a FREE Canvas storage bag, FREE moisturising shave bar + FREE surprise gift. Oh, and FREE delivery too.

Got commitment issues? Don't worry, you can cancel or rearrange your subscription at any time. Or, if you don't fancy subscribing, you can also make a one time purchase. Make sure to add code: PFRAZOR20 to get 20% off if you do decide to take the plastic free plunge.


STEP 4: Hydrate

Whipped Body Butter

To finish off your routine, it's essential to lock in that hydration with a nourishing moisturiser. Our Whipped Vanilla Cocoa Body Butter is perfect for nourishing and soothing the skin post shave; it contains 3 naturally hydrating oils, which help to leave skin super soft and smelling incredible. Our body butter has become a mega best seller, and it's no wonder why. Smooth, glowing skin, without the plastic waste? What's not to love.


So, if you're looking to upgrade your hair removal routine, all without the plastic free waste, we've got you covered. Get ready for the shave of your life.