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How To Have The Ultimate Cosy Girl Autumn.

The nights are drawing in, there's a certain chill in the air and you've got Red (Taylor's Version) playing on repeat. This can only mean one thing: Autumn has arrived. As the trees turn rusty and the temperature drops, this is the season for all things cosy.

From breaking out your winter coat, to getting in your first pumpkin spiced latte of the season, combatting the chill of September - November is essential to enjoying these months. That's right, we're talking about having the ultimate Cosy Girl Autumn. And how can you beat the cold and blues, we hear you ask? Well, read on and get ready to have your best Autumn yet.

Have a Halloween movie marathon

Halloween movies

When it's extra chilly outside, you don't have to ask us twice to wrap up warm and stay indoors. With Halloween soon approaching, it's time to dig have a spooky Halloween film marathon. Whether you're into horror films, or you'd rather opt for a gentler approach (e.g. Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, The Witches), cosying up with a hot chocolate, our fave scented candles and a whole load of blankets really is our idea of heaven.

Get your knit on

Knitting aesthetic

Looking for a new hobby to take up? Knitting is your new thing. Whilst it may be a thing you associate with your grandma and her friends, this can be a great thing to take up, especially if you struggle with staying in and doing 'nothing'. Proven to help with anxiety, this is the perfect way to relax and unwind this autumn, plus you can even make yourself some cosy blankets/scarves/hats. WARNING: knitting may be a gateway to other artsy activities, such as cross stitching, scrapbooking and crocheting - we can't be held accountable.

Have a pumpkin carving competition

Carved pumpkin

If you're looking for a fun activity to do with your friends, then make sure you add pumpkin carving to your list. It's simple, everyone is challenged to create their own masterpiece and the winner can be voted by family/friends or even via an poll on your Instagram story. Trust us, you will be in fits of giggles during the course of this nostalgic pursuit, plus you can yours outside your doorstep for to help get in the spooky spirit below October 31st.

Take a stroll

Iced coffee walk through forest

If you're lucky enough to live near any areas of nature, then make sure you take advantage of this beautiful season while you can. There really is something magical about all those golden, rusty leaves changing day by day, and seeing them up close and personal, makes them even more special. Head to your local woodland area and get your shoes muddy - your body and mind will thank you for it later.

Revamp your autumn wardrobe (sustainably)

Thrift store

If you're in need of some new, warmer essentials, then nows the time to thrift your way into a new wardrobe. Why not make a day of hitting up your local charity shops and seeing what hidden gems you can discover. Not only is this a more sustainable option than ordering new clothes, it's also a great if you're keeping an eye on your pennies, like so many of us are at the moment. Trust us, you'll be surprised at what treasures you can find.

Bake some autumnal goods

Girl baking cinnamon rolls

If you're craving some warm and hearty sweet things right now, then why not try your hand at baking? From cinnamon rolls, to apple pie there are SO many autumnal goodies you can whip up to help keep you cosy this season. There really is something extra comforting about all those warm spices - pair them with a pumpkin spiced latte and you're all good to go.