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How To Maintain Motivation Whilst Working From Home.

If we had told you before the pandemic that millions of us would soon be permanently working from home, you probably wouldn't have believed us. Yet, here we are nearly 2 years later, and WFH life has become the norm for so many of us. According to recent polls, 1 in 4 businesses are intending on allowing staff to work from home for at least a proportion of their working week, which shows the clear impact Covid 19 has had on attitudes towards a more remote working situation.

Love it or hate it, it's clear that working from home is likely to stick around for many of us. Whilst you might relish the opportunity to continue working in your PJs (we've all done it), sometimes keeping up your motivation levels can be a bit of a struggle. That's why we're here with our top tips to optimise your working from home experience- *hint* you may actually have to get dressed...

1. Get up and get ready. 


Whilst the temptation to work from bed in last night's pyjamas is an EXTREMELY tempting offer, it's not always great for your motivation levels and mental health. Even if you're not leaving the house, it's a good idea to get yourself up, showered and in fresh clothes to improve your working mindset. A morning refresh means you will feel much more ready to tackle the tasks of your day- plus, you will look more presentable if you have to switch your camera on mid Zoom meeting...

2. Create a nice working space.

Think the phrase, 'romanticise your life'- get up, get ready and create a nice ambience for your working day. Whether you're lucky enough to have an office space, or you choose to designate an area in your room to work in, it's so important to ensure your it's actually a nice place to work in. Light a candle, organise your space and get some tunes/your favourite podcast on in the background- trust us, it'll make you feel much more excited to get working.

3. Break your tasks down. 

When you've a got a to-do list the size of your arm, it's sometimes difficult to know where to start- queue the overwhelming feelings of stress. Try to break down your day's tasks into categories- e.g. admin, emails, urgent. This will help you to manage your activities better and make your day feel more achievable. Once you start a task, try to just focus on that until it's done, rather than switching between them. Once you can tick it off your list you will feel MUCH better, and realise that your other tasks don't have to be majorly overwhelming either.

4. Regular breaks.

 We've all experienced that feeling of being glued to your computer, yet not feeling like you're achieving much. This is your brain and body's way of telling you that you need to have a break! Get up, stretch, go for a little walk, grab a coffee and just give yourself some time to refocus on your tasks. Mental burnout is not fun, nor is it helpful when it comes to working- making sure you take regular breaks will help you do your job much for effectively.

5. Stay hydrated.

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It's sooooo important to stay hydrated during your working day. Using your brain for that long- especially whilst staring at a screen- means getting your regular H20 is even more crucial. We recommend grabbing a cute reusable water bottle to keep at your desk. Extra forgetful? Why not set reminders on your phone to make sure you're regularly sipping away- that way, you'll be dodging the headaches so often caused by dehydration.

6. Don't overdo it.


Working from home often means that the lines between work and rest can become very blurred. Try and ensure that when you log off from work, you mentally log off too. That means no checking emails after 5pm, and no feelings of guilt when you're laptop is inches away and you *could* finish that task you've started... NO. It's time to switch off, honey. Setting these boundaries is so important when your work environment is also your home- make sure your time off is ACTUALLY time off, babe.

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