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How To Make Your Intimate Health Care Routine Sustainable.

Taking care of your intimate health is SO important. From protection against sexually transmitted infections, to ensuring PH levels are balanced down there, it can feel like hard work sometimes. And what about sustainability? Have you ever thought about the environmental impact plastic tampon applicators, for example, have on the planet? It can be draining enough owning a vagina, before worrying about caring for it as sustainably as possible.

Here at nuddy, we are allllll about incorporating simple, sustainable practices into your daily routines. This way, you can do your bit- minus the stress. That's why we're here to guide you through our top tips on incorporating planet-friendly alternatives into your intimate healthcare routines. Don't be shy! 

Period Care for the Planet.

UGH. Periods. Not only are they emotionally and physically draining, they can also do their fair share of damage to the planet. It's safe to say that most period care products are coated in plastic- plastic wrappers, plastic applicators, it just never ends. Thankfully, there are a TONNE of plastic free, organic period care brands that give you the chance to make your time of the month that little bit more environmentally friendly.

Brands such as &Sisters, TOTM and DAME, create plastic free tampons and pads- plus they're miles better for the environment too. If you want to take an even bigger leap into the world of sustainable period care, why not try out a menstrual cup. These little beauties are reusable, so save LOTS of disposable materials, and they're not as scary as they look (we promise). 

Super Safe Sex.


We all know about how important it is to have safe sex- but what about keeping the planet safe too? When it comes to condoms, why not opt for a brand that puts sustainability at the forefront. We love intimate health care brand HANX- they create vegan, cruelty free condoms that are made from latex sourced from Fair Rubber certified plantations- which promotes the environmentally friendly production of rubber AND ensures workers are paid a fair wage.

But sex isn't just about being safe- its about pleasure too!!! Using lubricant that doesn't contain any petroleum is a great way to help the planet whilst also helping yourself... Brands like Hanx and Naked Silk make great petroleum free lube which will be extra kind to your vagina, whilst also looking out for Mother Nature, too. That's what we call a win-win.

Keep It Fresh.

Remember, the vagina is a self cleaning organ- cleaning inside yourself is NOT necessary and could lead to nasty infections. That being said, some people may prefer to keep their vulva (the external areas) fresh with more than just water.

But, with many feminine washes coming in plastic bottles, it's not always easy to opt for a planet-friendly way to keep clean. Why not ditch the plastic completely and use our Fragrance Free Soap Bar to keep yourself clean down there? It's vegan, cruelty free and contains no nasty, irritating ingredients like SLS, Paraben and Phthalates. It is a great way to keep yourself feeling fresh, without costing the earth in plastic. Shop HERE.

Well Groomed.

Not everyone is into intimate hair removal and that's totally cool- but for those who prefer to stay groomed down there, we know what a pain it can be. Not only is it a total CHORE, it can have some damaging effects on the planet, too. For example, in 2018, 5.5 million people were using disposable razors in the UK- think about how much plastic that is!

Homemade Sugar Wax Recipe: 7 Steps for Smoother Skin

But it's okay- there are ways that you can remove those pesky hairs, without the guilt. Take sugar-waxing, for example. It has become a huuuuuge trend on TikTok (search it!) and you can even make your own at home from, you guessed it, sugar. This method is more natural than traditional waxing methods, and cheaper too.

If shaving is more your bag, why not sign up to nuddy's Full Body Safety Razor subscription? Our adorable pink razor is 100% plastic free and can literally last you a lifetime. It's single blade helps to reduce friction, resulting in a super smooth shave that you can't achieve with disposable razors. Trust us, you won't look back, and Mother Nature will be thanking you for it.

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