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How to: show your love from afar.

This year we’ve been separated from loved ones for more months than we’ve been together. Due to ‘you know what’, we’ve all had to isolate from friends, lovers and family for extended periods of time and when we have been able to see them, we’ve been instructed to keep our distance for the safety of not only ourselves, but for the whole country!  

In an ideal world, we’d be able to visit our favourite people with ease again soon, especially seen as though it’s Christmas in just a matter of weeks (queue Mariah Carey please). Instead, we’re all currently experiencing essentially what long-distance relationship couples and families have been doing for years, only this time it’s with everyone bar our household and there’s the little matter of a global pandemic, 2 metre rule and surgical masks involved. Seriously… long-time long-distance lovers, can you teach us your skills?!

In more uplifting news, recent updates in mainstream media is a lot more encouraging, and we’re all about sharing those positive vibes. Whilst there’s no clear indication of when we’ll be able to freely text a friend any night of the week saying ‘fancy popping over for a pizza tonight?’ there are some vast improvements being made which are hard to deny. We’re definitely not in March anymore! *clicks red sparkly heels* 

So here in the nuddy HQ, we know the desire to see someone in person is strong, but for many of us, it’s still pretty much out of the question. Despite this, all is not lost! If you’re someone who is wondering how you can show someone you love them when you’re not near enough to give them a squeeze or cook them their favourite meal, then we’re here for you. You may have miles between you, or a tier-system currently causing some havoc for your plans but where there’s a will, there’s a way and we’re here to guide you on some great ideas for showing someone you care from afar: 


There’s nothing quite like receiving a hand-written letter, or a homemade card from a person you hold close to your heart. There’s something about someone taking the time to share their thoughts with you from pen to paper and get all sentimental about how much you mean to them. If words aren’t really your jam, you can draw someone a picture or make a pretty card with a simple ‘I love you’ written inside, but whatever you choose will make someone feel truly treasured and they’ll be able to keep it forever more. 


Gifting is a language of love and for showing someone you care from afar, it’s one of the most powerful things you can do. Of course, flowers always work but more than just some beautiful blooms a gift that is in line with what someone has told you they really want or need is the ideal one to give. Ideas such as sending someone a hamper full of their favourite snacks, a big cuddly jumper that they can wrap themselves up in across the winter months or ordering them their favourite dinner to their door one night will all work a treat. 


People often say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, but we’ll also vouch that it’s through their ears. Music can make a multitude of situations better – have you ever thought that your life deserved a soundtrack at key moments? Because we have. Anyway, why not try collating a special playlist for your special someone. Add in songs that show them how much you love them, along with some good old-fashioned mood boosters and send them a link saying, ‘this is just for you’. You can dance around your respective kitchens on FaceTime to the same tracks, knowing that every song was chosen with love in mind. 


Providing someone with hope for a brighter future is a gift that’s priceless. Buy your loved one a gift voucher for something in the future that you’ll be able to do with each other *in person* or book a flexible night’s stay in a hotel or at a spa that you can both look forward to. Human beings are creatures of progression, and we always like to feel like we’re moving forward and not standing still, so with things in the future to focus on it will be a sure bet that the person you want to show you care will feel loved, positive and excited for a time when they can hold your hand once more.