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Positive Influencers You Need To Follow On Instagram.

We all know that the world of Instagram can be a little bit toxic to say the least. When it comes to influencers, there tends to be a negativity that comes with their platforms- from promoting diet shakes, to perpetuating unrealistic body standards and perfectly filtered skin, sometimes we all just need to log off. But, what if your Instagram feed was full of INSPIRING influencers, who have honest conversations about our bodies, skin and mental health?

Here at nuddy, we love to see individuals who use their platforms for positive change- and we want to share some of our favourite influencers with you too. Our Hot Girl Summer: All Girls Are Hot Girls campaign is allllll about self confidence and embracing the skin you're in- that's why we've rounded up our top Instagram honeys who you just HAVE to follow, to help inspire and empower you. 

Nelly London

Instagram: @_nelly_london

We are totally obsessed with Nelly's Insta which is full of body positivity, honest discussion of mental health and beauty and fashion inspo. Her conversations around eating disorder recovery are inspiring and she brings a breath of fresh air to the often toxic culture of influencing. She reminds us that bearing all (both literally and mentally) can be super empowering- Nelly, we think you're amazing.

Rachael Sealy

Instagram: @ukafrolista

Rachael Sealy, AKA, UKafrolista is a ray of sunshine who blogs about everything from fashion inspo to body confidence. She shines a light on important topics such as caring for afro hair and feeling good in your own skin, plus her beauty tutorials are super fun- we love to see her beautiful pics and inspiring captions on our feed! P.S. Keep an eye out for an upcoming collab we have with this incredible lady...

Joanna Kenny

Skincare Spotlight — Blog — Kristin & Co.

Instagram: @joannajkenny

Joanna takes the world of Instagram filters and flips it on its head. She is a true advocate for showing REAL skin online- she is known for highlighting the damaging effects of filters and acknowledging the fact that women have acne, facial hair, curves and so much more. We think that her discussions around subjects that are often viewed as taboo are incredibly important and refreshing- keep up the amazing work, Joanna.

Megan Jayne Crabbe

Q&A: With body positive author @BodyPosiPanda - Global Cause

Instagram: @bodiposipanda

Megan is a total force to be reckoned with on social media and we love her for it. She discusses all kinds of taboo subjects, particularly focusing on the fact we should love ourselves, even though society encourages us not to. Her candid conversations and beautiful content are what makes her so special, particularly her focus on body confidence and how to have a healthier attitude towards how we should be caring for ourselves, mentally and physically.

Megan Rose Lane

Megan Rose Lane - Empowerment and Mindset Mentor

Instagram: @meganroselane

Megan is a self confessed 'soul expansion' coach who encourages her followers to truly embrace themselves and put their mental health first. We love her honest, inspiring pieces of advice- they are a joy to see on our Insta feed. Her discussions about her own personal growth are particularly inspiring and are proof that when it comes to being an online presence, being genuine is always the way to go.Plus she also has an incredible podcast 'Word' which you can check out here.

Michelle Elman

Scarred Not Scared - classfinder health fitness body postive

Instagram: @scarrednotscared

Michelle is a life coach, author and TedX speaker whose funny and empowering posts make her one of our fave people to follow on Instagram. Not only does she talk candidly about her own personal struggles, she also uses her experiences to encourage others to talk, which we think is amazing. Her themes of self love, growth and acceptance are everything nuddy stands for and we think she is the perfect example of loving to embrace every part of yourself.