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Practical Mental Health Tips.

Don't get us wrong, we're a sucker for motivational quotes and a good old self help book- but sometimes an Instagram- friendly approach to mental health doesn't quite cut it. Self care isn't about aesthetics- it's about doing manageable activities that will help get you through those crappy days  

When you're experiencing bad mental health days, these achievable tasks can help boost your mood and leave you feeling that little bit stronger. We've rounded up our top practical mental health tips for when you need some help getting back on form. Remember- you've got this.

1. Stay hydrated.


We're alllll guilty of not drinking enough water and, whilst it's not a cure for bad mental health days, it can certainly help elevate your mood. Water helps restore your body's energy levels, ensuring your mental symptoms are not being worsened by physical strain. Keeping your H2O levels are topped up is a super simple way you can look after yourself when those bad days strike.

2. Keep it organised.

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When we feel down or stressed, we grab our diaries and make sure all of our plans/errands/to-buy lists are written down- it helps us feel a little bit more sane, even if we don't have the energy to actually tackle any of our tasks. Organisation can really help clear up the brain fog- if you're feeling up to it, why not sort through one of those messy boxes under your bed? It will help you regain a bit of structure by finishing one task that has long been sitting on your never ending to do list.

3. Freshen up.


The idea that self care is all about having a bath and lighting a candle is unrealistic and outdated, we'll admit- but sometimes just making sure you're washed and smelling good can completely lift your mindset. Having a bath or shower can channel those negative internal feelings into a positive physical act- there's something very cathartic about literally washing away your stresses. We make sure to include our nuddy bars in our wash routine- their incredible scents alone are particularly mood boosting. 

4. Digital detox.

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Unless you're SUPER organised, you'll probably have endless unread emails and needless screenshots clogging up your phone. If you're having one of those days when you don't feel like doing much, why not declutter your phone? Rather than endlessly scrolling through social media, stick on a podcast or your favourite album and get editing- trust us, you'll feel like a weight you didn't even know you were carrying has been lifted off your shoulders.

5. Vitamin D.


Everybody loves the sunshiiiiiiiine. Whilst we're not always lucky enough to be basking in the sun here in the UK, it's always important to try and get outside as much as you can. Even if it's just taking a ten minute break to sit outside, the outdoors can do wonders for your endorphins- just make sure you've got your SPF on!!!

6. Do what you love.


Self care IS productive- even if you aren't 'getting things done', taking time to look after yourself will prevent the inevitable burn out of being on the go, 24/7. When you're feeling particularly crappy, make sure to spend a bit of time doing something that makes you feel good- whether it's reading a book, re-watching your favourite film or making your favourite meal, just take some time out for yourself.

7. Move it! 

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We know that lots of exercising isn't for everyone (especially when you're feeling crap), but sometimes even just a walk can really help re-shift your mindset. Exercise helps release all those positive endorphins, leaving your mood boosted and your mind recharged. This is a great one for anyone who suffers with insomnia too- tiring yourself out physically rather than mentally will increase your chances of getting a better night's sleep.

8. Talk, talk, talk.

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We all need a good chinwag IRL or online with our nearest and dearest to put our worries into perspective. It's SO important to speak out whenever something is plaguing your mind- you know what they say, a problem shared is a problem halved. Talking to a loved one can help to remind you that your worries are not that uncommon- plus, having a giggle with your friend is guaranteed to leave you feeling much better than you did before. 

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