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The Ultimate Veganuary Self Care Routine

So, a new year is on the horizon, and with that comes change. Maybe you're starting a new job, or you've decided to take up a new hobby in January- or maybe you're going for the big one. Yes, we're talking about Veganuary.

First created in 2014, Veganuary is a yearly challenge to take on a vegan diet for the month of January. Last year, over 582,000 people took part and, no doubt that number will increased tenfold in 2022. 

Whilst many of you may already have considered ditching the meat and dairy in your diet, have you ever considered vegan-ifying your self care routine? From skincare, to hair care, to thing that will help you R/E/L/E/AZ/ there are LOTS of ways you can make your beauty regime more planet and animal friendly. What are you waiting for? Let us guide us through your new vegan self care heroes...

Change your hair game...

nuddy Ultra Volume Blow Dry Acai Berry & Peach Shampoo Bar - £8.95

If you haven't already heard about our award-winning shampoo bars, then where have you been? Formulated with organic argan and coconut oils, our plastic free bars help to wash and nourish your locks, all without the need for any non-vegan ingredients. Our bars are also cruelty free and contain no SLS/Parabens, which means they won't strip your hair of moisture- no dry strands around here, honey. Lasting twice as long as bottled shampoo (80-100 washes), switching to our shampoo bars is a super simple, cost-effective, planet friendly way to do you but this Veganuary. Plus, you can now find our bars in your local Sainsburys.

Pucker up, baby.

BYBI Buffer Natural Lip Scrub Exfoliator - £9

Keep our lips super kissable is top of our list this Jan, epsically as the chilly weather rolls on. We love this strawberry and cinnamon lib scrub from vegan skincare giants, BYBI- it gets rid of any flakiness and it tastes DELISH. It also gets bonus points for being cruelty free and coming in a tube made of biodegradable, carbon neutral sugar cane. MWAH!

Scrub it real good.

nuddy Pink Himalayan Strawberry Salt Body Scrub - £14.95

Exfoliation is key to keeping your skin bump free, glowing and minimising the chance of razor bumps, acne and flakiness. Our Pink Himalayan Strawberry Salt Body Scrub is the perfect vegan friendly way to achieve super healthy, radiant skin, from head to toe. This scrub is oil based, meaning it wont leave your skin dried out and is an excellent way to get rid of any left over fake tan. Trust us, this scrub will be your new best friend before any night out.

Night, night, sleep tight.

Sleep Better - Pillow Mist | Tisserand Aromatherapy

Tisserand Sleep Better Pillow Mist - £11

Getting a good night sleep should be an essential part in anyone's self care routine - but it might not always feel that easy. We're obsessed with Tisserand's pillow spray, which smells super relaxing and helps to give you a deeper, less disturbed sleep. Created with jasmine, lavender and sandalwood, it's not as harsh as some lavender scented products, instead letting you drift off with the soothing smell of sweet dreams and a restful night.

Time for pleasure.

Lubricant– HANX

Hanx Vegan Lubricant - £14.99

Self care is all about making yourself feel good- in every sense.  Having a good lubricant is essential for improving anyone's sex life (whether it's solo or with a partner) and this Hanx one is the best. Created with vegan friendly ingredients, this water based lube should be a key part of your sex routine- we can't recommend it enough.

Relight my fire.

nuddy Velvet, Peony & Oud Candle - £20

Lighting a beautifully scented candle is one of our favourite ways to relax and recharge. Did you know that we have our own range of vegan-friendly, soy wax candles? They smell absolutely DIVINE, even if we do say so ourselves. Pop one in your bathroom, one in your bedroom and gift them to all your stressed out friends - they'll help to ease alllll of your troubles.

Cooking up a storm.

The Green Roasting Tin: Vegan and Vegetarian One Dish Dinners: Rukmini Iyer: 9781910931899: Books

The Green Roasting Tin by Rukmini Iyer - £10

Keeping your vegan meal schedule organised will help keep your mind clutter free this Veganuary. This cookbook is a great option for anyone looking for simple recipes that can be made in just one pot. Packed full of tasty veg and nutritious grains, this book is great for anyone who doesn't have too much time to be faffing around with complicated reciples - we're obsessed.

Detox-ify your skincare routine.

nuddy Whipped Green Clay Face Mask - £18.95

A good face mask is essential to your self care routine and we have just the mask for you. Our Whipped Green Clay Face Mask is perfect for acne-prone, scarred skin - it helps to detox the skin, all whilst retaining moisture, meaning you won't be left with any flakiness. Veganuary should be a month for looking after yourself and we think taking care of your skin is a super important step - just grab your fave vegan skincare, and get relaxing.