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What does a Hot Girl Summer mean to YOU?

As you've probably heard, we've been running our Hot Girl Summer: All Girls Are Hot Girls summer campaign over the past few months (if you haven't heard- where have you been?!). It has been centred around building confidence, embracing your true self and having fun this summer- we certainly all deserve it!


We have been chatting with our wonderful community about what a Hot Girl Summer means to THEM. From encouraging each other to embrace themselves fully, to simply enjoying their time in the sunshine, we wanted to share their words of wisdom with everyone to inspire every honey to feel good in their own skin this summer. Take it away, nuddy lovers...


"BEING MY BEST SELF, BEING MY WORST SELF. But always loving every version of me"

 "Having fun and embracing my insecurities"

"Being happy with my postpartum body"

"Confidence and self love (and maybe a few drinks in the sun with the girls)"

"Loving myself and living my best life"

"Being a curvy girl and wearing clothes that fit your body"

"Feeling confident in yourself"

"Being kind to yourself, rather than emotionally limiting yourself because of standards"

"Getting fitter, being myself, exploring the UK with my friends, hot sunny weather"

"For me its more of a sweaty 46 year old summer which means me+wine+sun= happy!"

"Being happy!"

"Self care and fun with friends"

"Having peace and soft hair"

"Being freeeee in the sun"

"Feel beautiful in the skin I'm in now"

"Finally seeing my friends and wearing clothes i feel good in! No more leggings!"


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