Drawstring Storage Bag


The PERFECT storage bag for your favourite nuddy Soap or Shampoo Bar. This bag will do wonders for your bars life-span and your bathroom's overall aesthetic. Will you choose clean white, or pretty peach? A premium canvas drawstring storage bag for your nuddy products.

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This is the perfect solution for those of you who might not have a specific place for your bar in the shower or around your bathtub. Just pop your nuddy bar in this really rather adorable, super luxe, canvas bag and it will not only last longer, it will look tidier and well, really pretty. You can also use this handy little bag to take your bar on a trip/to the gym etc...

Fits x1 bar, perfect for hanging, bags are not waterproof, keep dry. We recommend letting the bar dry before placing in bag. 


Standard postage £3.95. Free shipping on orders over £30.


set of 3 £1.49

Soap super set of 3

Add to Bag - £16.36 £17.85

set of 5 £2.53

Soap super set of 5

Add to Bag - £27.22 £29.75

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