Microfibre Make-up Remover Eco Cloth


Long gone are the days of make up wipes filling our landfills. Now you can remove your make up using just water and one of these magical microfibre cloths!

What is it? A microfibre, reusable facial cleansing cloth 30x30cm
Why it’s amazing: These wonderful cloths are ultra-soft and perfect for sensitive skin. The cloth effortlessly glides over the skin, without causing irritation. Unlike cleansing wipes, the eco-friendly cloths are designed to absorb water and swell when damp. The wet cloth is able to eliminate traces of makeup from skin without smearing them across the face first.

Using this cloth won't just help you save the planet, it will also save your pocket some £££ as they eliminate the need to purchase make up remover or wipes over and over again!
Good to know: Machine washable, removes even stubborn make up.


set of 3 £1.49

Soap super set of 3

Add to Bag - £16.36 £17.85

set of 5 £2.53

Soap super set of 5

Add to Bag - £27.22 £29.75

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