Ultra Volume Shampoo Bar
Ultra Volume Shampoo Bar
Ultra Volume Shampoo Bar
Ultra Volume Shampoo Bar
Ultra Volume Shampoo Bar
Ultra Volume Shampoo Bar
Ultra Volume Shampoo Bar
Ultra Volume Shampoo Bar

ultra volume blow dry shampoo bar


"I love my new shampoo bar! It smells amazing and does wonders for my hair!"

Introducing our Ultra Volume Blow Dry Shampoo Bar. Proven to dramatically increase hair growth over prolonged use. This bar leaves your hair looking voluminous just like after a fresh blow dry. Years in the making, tested on tonnes of babes with varying hair types, we didn't stop until we knew we'd created the best shampoo bar out there. Say goodbye to flat lifeless hair and HELLO to your voluminous hair of dreams.

real results.

review picture of customer

No word of a lie, these insane results are images are real results from our real customers. Check out these real results from our customer, Evie. The most magnificent results from using our ultra volume shampoo over a prolonged period of time. Ultra fast hair growth, thicker hair, 80% reduction in split ends on average.

why they're amazing.

Our extra large 100g, performance led shampoo bars have been formulated using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. You may have tried shampoo bars before, but we promise that you've not tried anything quite like a nuddy shampoo bar. It's time to get #inthenuddy and lather up, baby.

• proven hair growth results after as little as 3 months
• seen to reduce split ends drastically over time
• Suitable for ALL hair types
• Last upto 3 times longer than liquid shampoo
• Saves money with only 8p per wash on average
• Natural & organic ingredients
• Vegan and cruelty free
• 100% compostable packaging
• Plastic-free shipping
• Made in the UK
• 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee

which bar is right for you?

ultra volume blow dry shampoo bar

This Açaí berry & Peach scented bar will leave your hair smelling beautiful & feeling voluminous, shiny and silky smooth. berry & Peach scented bar will leave your hair smelling beautiful & feeling voluminous, shiny and silky smooth. Proven hair growth results after prolonged use.

daily shine treatment shampoo bar

This Mint, Lime & Grapefruit scented bar will leave your hair looking healthy, full of life and with a beautiful shine. If your hair is dull and dreary, this is the shampoo bar for you. Watch it unleash a new lease of life for your wonderful hair.

extra thickening shampoo bar

This Cocoa & Cardamom scented bar aims to give your hair the strength it needs. It leave your hair feeling thicker, fuller, revitalised and restored. Perfect for those with thin/fine hair. Shown to reduce split ends and improve overall hair condition and strength.

the best bits.

Salon quality performance

Premium ingredients concentrated into one performance led bar that works to improve your hair from root to tip minus the excess wasteful water

Noticeable difference after just one wash

Our bars allow for direct application of our high performing organic and natural ingredients

No harmful ingredients

You won't find any sulfates, parabens, or phthalates that strip your hair and lead to hair loss and damage, often found in many high street shampoos

rated 5 stars by 1000's of you.

Debra R

"Apart from the obvious fact that these are good for the environment, considered packaging of all paper and no plastics these really are great products. They foam easily, (you only use the foam on your hair) they smell delicious, and they clean and leave your hair feeling so naturally clean. I always used to use conditioner but now I don’t need to. I have tried other shampoo bars but reverted back to nuddy, now I don’t bother to try others I seem to have found the perfect shampoo bar. Well recommended to give it a try you won’t be disappointed.”

Ruby I

“This was my first experience using a shampoo bar and I loved it from the first use. I have now used it a few times and I am very happy with the results. I wouldn't need to wash my hair super frequently with my old shampoo, but using this bar I feel I can go even longer in between washes. It smells great and makes my hair look great. I am still using my other products along side this bar (conditioner and hair mousse) but it is safe to say I am swapping from my trusty previous shampoo to this cruelty free shampoo bar. Final note: my hair is long and fine and it feels like this bar was made for my hair type-- thank you nuddy!"

award winning.

Our performance led shampoo bars are a step above the rest. Unlike any you've tried before. Our bars are award winning and curly girl method approved. These babies are the game changers that you've been waiting for. Great for your hair, great for the planet. Isn't it time you ditch the plastic and get #inthenuddy?

frequently asked questions.

30 day money back guarantee.

If this is your first time taking the plunge and trying out our game changer shampoo bars then we are SO happy to have join the family. We quite literally couldn't be more confident that you will love your new shampoo bar and be a fully fledge nuddy shampoo bar convert for life that we happily offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you try your shampoo bar and hate it, we will give you your money back.

This just basically isn't going to happen. Honestly, trust us, things are about to change in your hair care life. We promise.

Love Team nuddy x