You've seen sustainable brands before, but you've not seen anything quite like nuddy. That was true when we first launched in 2018, and that is still true today. We're here to do things differently. To challenge the status quo. Introducing nuddy 2.0, your new go-to luxury sustainable lifestyle brand. Because why shouldn't we have luxury sustainable self-care products as part of our daily wellness and personal care routines?

Our products are created using the highest quality sustainable ingredients. We use only the most premium natural oils to create our beloved solid bar range and opt only for the most sustainable and ethical alternatives when it comes to all other products too.

What makes us different?

We go above and beyond to ensure that we deliver the very best quality for our community to adore & enjoy using in their everyday routines.

An independent, female led, British brand.
We’re unapologetically ourselves. A brand that has been cherished by many over the past 5 years. We have evolved & developed with our community in mind. We focus on your wants & needs. Bridging the gap between intelligently functional & wonderfully aesthetic products.

nuddy was born in 2018. With over half a million bars sold worldwide. We've worked with some of the biggest high street names in the game, but come 2023, it was time to change things up. Our rebrand sees the beginning of a new era for the nuddy brand. A new focus. A focus on bringing you, our community, a luxury sustainable lifestyle.

What does mean?

noun INFORMAL. BRITISH in the nude. 1950’s: humorous alteration of nude. nuddy isn’t just a word, it’s a feeling. To feel free + vulnerable, yet empowered. Not just when you’re ‘in the nuddy’, but all day, everyday.