Our story

We are nuddy

Our mission is simple. To reignite a love affair between you and a bar of soap.

We are the soap that you didn’t know you needed. But now we have your attention, and you know what - you’re going to LOVE us.
We’re the generation conscious about anything and everything; what we eat, what we wear, where we travel - the world as a whole. But let’s take some time out and go back to basics. Every morning you’ll wake up, eat your avo on toast, drink your almond milk latte then take a shower. Do you ever stop and think about what your using to wash that beautiful body of yours? It might be time to reconsider...
The majority of soaps and body washes on the market are packaged using plastic materials. nuddy is proud to be 100% plastic, cruelty, sls FREE and created using only the best ingredients, right here in the U.K. Our soap is created using a shea butter base, making it vegan friendly and inclusive to just about every Tom, Francesca + Harriet.
nuddy was founded by 24 year old Brit female Entrepreneur, Kassi Emadi in July 2018. Kassi struggled to find a good quality soap bar which connected to her as a conscious and creatively motivated consumer. With her background in PR and creative marketing and genuine love of a good old soap bar, Kassi set out to make soap cool again. HELLO nuddy. The very best quality soap bars, a bloody great brand and a genuine story behind it all.
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