Shampoo Bar
Shampoo Bar

Shampoo Bar



Shampoo bar which can also be used as a body wash 🤍

This is cleansing at its very best. Formulated using a balanced pH level which works in harmony with the bodies natural oils, these bars gently cleanse, and delicately work away to leave your body & hair feeling fresh, nourished and restored. Crafted using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. 


Sourced from the most sustainable & responsible suppliers. 

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Natural oils

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The latest innovation in sustainable luxury. Our multi-use Shampoo & Body Cleanse Bar. 

Crafted using the highest quality natural & organic oils, this bar goes above and beyond to promote both the highest standard of hair and skin health. Maintaining a balanced pH level of 4.5, this clever bar cleanses your hair & body whilst working alongside the bodys natural pH level, ensuring continued harmony.

The ultimate sustainable solution for your everyday personal care routine, with an added touch of luxury. We have sourced the best ingredients from the most reputable suppliers around the globe. All products have been rigarously tried & tested by our small team based in North Yorkshire, U.K. You can rest assured that these products are the best of the best, maticulously crafted, relentlessly tested & designed to be a unnegotiable fixture in your everyday routine.

Suitable for most body & hair types, this bar has been specifically formulated to act as an 'all-rounder', truly a formula that caters to almost everyone. 

One bar, multiple uses. This bar has been formulated to thoroughly cleanse both your hair & body.

Sustainable and better for the planet. We go above & beyond to bring sustainable luxury to your everyday routine.

Always vegan friendly. As part of our sustainability pact, all of our products are vegan friendly and planet kind.

Formulated using only the highest quality ingredients including organic natural coconut oil & argan oil.

Our products are over 80% natural and create only the highest grade of natural oils.

We donate 15% of all profits made to various charities promoting causes close to our hearts.

You've seen sustainable brands before, but you've not seen anything quite like nuddy. That was true when we first launched in 2018, and that is still true today. We're here to do things differently. To challenge the status quo. Introducing nuddy 2.0, your new go-to luxury sustainable lifestyle brand. Because why shouldn't we have luxury sustainable self-care products as part of our daily wellness and personal care routines?

Our products are created using the highest quality sustainable ingredients. We use only the most premium natural oils to create our beloved solid bar range and opt only for the most sustainable and ethical alternatives when it comes to all other products too.

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