Lime & Lemon Soy Wax Candle


Don’t mind us, just relighting your fire with our really rather adorable candles.

What is it? A very cute and delightfully scented Soy Wax Candle.
Why it’s amazing: Made from 100% natural Eco Soy Wax, these candles not only smell insanely beautiful, much like our soaps but they’re better for your home. Hand-poured in the North of England, UK. Our candles are poured at the optimum temperature to ensure you have the most beautiful fragrance when you start to burn your candle.

Good to know: Natural soy wax, biodegradable wax, longer lasting burn, quality essential oils, 20+ hours burn time, 120ml clear glass jars.

Warning: Make sure you never leave a candle unattended and keep them on a flat reliable surface to protect your surfaces from the heat! Keep candles away from children.


set of 3 £1.50

Super set of 3 - soap

Add to Bag - £13.35 £14.85

set of 5 £2.55

Super set of 5 - soap

Add to Bag - £22.20 £24.75

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