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Top 5 Sustainable Swimwear Brands.

With summer fast approaching, we've got holidays on our mind 24/7. With restrictions on travel slowly lifting, the chances of a summer break are looking more likely by the day. With that in mind, we have been searching the web for some swimwear that will have us looking and feeling hot AF this summer.

The issue is, the majority of swimwear is made from fast fashion brands. This means that they are often manufactured in unethical, unsustainable conditions which is hugely problematic. Which is why we've sourced out some of the best sustainable swimwear brands that will ensure that you can look and feel good, without costing the planet.

Apollo Swimwear

Apollo Swim is a British swimwear brand that incorporates Australian and European luxury, minimalistic styles into its designs. Growing from founder Alice Broadley's spare bedroom, the brand produces hand-made bikinis and swimsuits that are STUNNING. She has ensured that any factories she works with provide fair pay- ethics is a huge centre point of her brand. Plus, the brand offset their carbon footprints and plant one tree for each order they receive. Amazing work, guys. 

Away That Day

We're totally obsessed with Away That Day's swimwear and we know you guys will be too. All of their products are made from Econyl, a fibre which supports the removal of marine debris and is made from recycled waste- think nylon scraps, ocean plastics and fishing nets. How cool is that? Not only that, their packaging is 100% compostable and biodegradable- we call that a win-win. 

Stay Wild Swim

Inspired by the co-founders childhood of fun by the seaside, Stay Wild Swim's aim is to create swimwear with a purpose- to not only prevent further ocean pollution, but actively contribute to its solution. Not only are their products made from sustainable, repurposed materials (Econyl, Oeko-Tex, Tencel), their London based factory has a zero waste approach, provides exceptional working conditions and only collaborates with ethical suppliers.

Deakin & Blue

 Sick of compromising style for substance, founder of Deakin & Blue, Rosie decided she'd create her own range of swimwear that ticked all of her boxes. The fabric used is made from regenerated ocean waste and the brand creates clothing for ALL body shapes and sizes. Plus, they ensure that all of their suppliers and manufacturers are socially and environmentally responsible, which means you can get the cutest swimwear, without costing the planet.

Hunza G

Hunza G is a BIG name in the sustainable fashion industry. Based and manufactured in the UK, it has celebrity fans such as Kate Hudson, Kylie Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski- basically, their swimwear is a total must have for your suitcase wardrobe. Using their cutoffs to make scrunchies and headbands, this waste-free brand is sustainable AND aims to tackle the issue of fast fashion by abolishing a one size fits all approach. What more could you want?

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