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Watch, Listen, and Read About the Planet.

Here at nuddy, we absolutely flipping LOVE our beautiful planet. And that’s why we’re so keen to protect it. From wasting less food to being more sustainable with our fashion, there are plenty of things we can all do to be a bit more eco-friendly. Not to mention ditching plastic in the bathroom with our fab soaps and shampoo bars!

But what is climate change, and how is it damaging the natural world around us? We’ve picked out some brilliant things you can watch, listen to, and read to learn all about the climate crisis.

What to watch.

An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth film poster

Let’s start with my first exposure to the climate crisis. Al Gore (former US Vice President) made serious waves with his 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. This was a total gamechanger. We’ve learned a lot in the 16 years since it came out, but the images of dwindling coastlines will still leave you shook.


Cowpiracy film poster

Cowspiracy covers the problem with meat and dairy worldwide. This is available on Netflix, and will give you that motivation you need to give up your meaty faves! Going full vegan is obvs not doable for everyone (although if you want to try, here are a few suggestions!). But simply cutting down on the volume of red meat we all eat is a great way to lessen our impact on the planet. Want more documentaries? We’ve got you covered!

Don’t Look Up!

Don't Look Up film poster

Okay, so this one isn’t strictly about the planet. But the metaphor of a comet hurtling to earth, that politicians flat-out refuse to acknowledge or act on, is a powerful way of explaining the climate crisis.


The Big Green Money Show

The Big Green Money Show Deborah Meaden

Deborah Meaden hosts this fascinating radio show, all about how businesses are working to become greener. You can catch up with this on BBC Sounds, and hear from top dogs from a variety of industries, including fashion, finance, and transport.

What On Earth

What on Earth podcast

With 30-minute takes on various climate issues, What On Earth is a perfect podcast to listen while you’re commuting, cooking, or park running! Hosted by the environmental organisation Hubbub, this covers questions like how jeans can be more sustainable, and why we need to stop flying.

TED Climate

TED Climate podcast

Nope, not the name of your new Finance Manager. If you’ve ever tuned into and loved TED Talks, then you will love this podcast. This breaks the big questions down into small, easy chunks, helping you wrap your head around the climate crisis and find hope for the future.


The History of Bees

The History of Bees

Norwegian writer Maja Lunde is the queen of dystopian climate fiction. This first in her groundbreaking series of climate novels is all about – you guessed it – bees! Bees are super important creatures in the fight for our planet, but they are in rapid decline. This gorgeous novel takes a look at how much we rely on them, and what happens if they disappear.

The Uninhabitable Earth

The Uninhabitable Earth

This one’s heavy for sure, but it’s perfect if you want that stark wake-up call… or if you know someone who needs it! David Wallace-Wells writes about all the things that could happen if we continue as we are. Some of them are wildly unexpected, and will leave you feeling determined to see change happen.

A Life on our Planet

A Life of Our Planet

Let’s finish with the nation’s favourite surrogate grandad, David Attenborough. Beginning with his ‘witness statement’, A Life on our Planet looks at his lifetime in broadcasting and how the world has changed over that time. He talks so passionately about nature, wildlife, and the landscapes of our planet, and will inspire you like nothing else. If you loved Blue Planet, you’ll adore this.

By Meg Tapp.