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Winter Pyjama Hot List.

So, you’re on the hunt for some showstopper, super comfy, elegant, wonderful pj’s. BUT, they all either cost £1681719 or look cheap AF. Don’t worry though gals, we’ve got your back. You’re about to see our top pick of the best ever pj’s (in our opinion) from some pretty amazing brands. HELLO cosy winter nights snuggled up under the sparkling lights of the Christmas tree, Baileys in hand. Swoooooon.

White Embroidered Cotton Pyjamas - Lunn Antiques - £41

Crafted by angels using the finest 100% white cotton in all the land, these pj's may not look like your typical winter pj garms, but COME ON, they are heaven. Yes, that is personalised embroidery you can see. We love a monogram, and we certainly don't want anyone stealing these beauties when they go in the wash. We're sold. 


Personalised Luxury Tartan Christmas HA Sleep Pyjama set - HA Designs - £65

OK, we are obsessed with these pyjamas for a few reasons. #1. you can personalise them, I mean, yes, obviously I want my name on my pj’s #2. they’re the perfect Christmas tartan print and they're made using that super wonderful cosy fabric (love) #3 you can get matching ones for your family, the hubby/bf and kids. Whether they like it or not, it’s happening. 


Katie Ladies Pyjamas - Powell Craft - £44

If you love your prints then you’re in luck. This beautiful independent company offers the most stunning selection of pyjamas. Not just for ladies but kids too. These gorgeous pyjamas are hand-block printed and made in Jaipur, India. We are loving this beautiful bold statement print, it may be a little summery, but it's also just super pretty, and we’re allowed to wear pretty pj’s whenever the hell we want, thanks.


Velour Pyjama Set - Pour Moi - £42 

Take our money. Take it and run, but also remember to send us this Goddess worthy set ASAP. Genuinely, who knew loungewear could look so divine? Slip into this little set and be transported into a Parisian apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower with a warm croissant and espresso waiting for you on the snow covered balcony. One can dream…


Cosy Black Floral Pyjama Set - Next - £25

Theres nothing quite like a winter warmer set of pj’s. The ones which you ALWAYS pop on when getting in from work on a cold Winters night, because they feel like home. You may get too hot in the night when the heating is whacked up and wake up topless, but these babies are well worth it. A favourite style loved by all in these colder months.


Striped Pyjamas Set - M&S Collection - £30.00

Can pyjamas get much cuter? If you’re not a pink girl, this set most likely wont be your thing, but you can still appreciate that they really are very bloody cute. Kinda channelling VS vibes, this lusciously soft sateen set pretty much makes for your perfect effortlessly chic striped pyjama.