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Your New Plastic Free Skincare Routine.

Let's face it, we all love indulging in some new self care products. Having a personalised, carefully organised skin care routine is something that has really taken off in the past few years. But it does often come with one massive problem: waste. Most skincare products come hand in hand with shedloads of plastic waste - from bottles, to tubes, it can be difficult to avoid the nasty stuff when it comes to trying out new products.

Luckily for you, we decided to create a totally plastic free skincare routine, making it easier to treat yourself, without the eco-guilt. Not only do our products come in adorable amber glass jars, they are all 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free, making them the perfect addition to your Veganuary self care routine. Meet our full collection...

Whipped Vanilla Cocoa Body Butter - £12.95

Having a super nourishing body moisturiser is not a luxury but an essential for everyone of us. This whipped body butter sinks luxuriously into your skin, leaving it hydrated and moisturised. Perfect for dry skin sufferers, this whipped butter helps to banish flakes, leaving skin feeling smoother than your average flirt. Its ultra moisturising formula is perfect for skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Strawberry Pink Himalayan Salt Body Scrub - £14.95

Scrub away all your troubles with this strawberry infused delight. This Himalayan salt based wonder will help cleanse and buff away your troubles, leaving your skin feeling revived and smooth AF. Packed with natural apricot kernel oil, sunflower oil and sweet almond oil, this scrub nourishes and moisturises whilst exfoliating those dead skin cells away- this is a great choice for scrubbing away fading fake tan, too. Strawberry Liquid Fruit Extract will not only leave you smelling sweet, it’s rich in polyphenols and Vitamin C, providing protection for the skin and helping to rejuvenate tired skin. Get ready to glow.

Whipped Green Clay Face Mask - £18.95

Is your skin in need of a detox? This face mask draws out impurities, with Green French Clay working to remove excess oils and treat any active spots you may have brewing. Shea butter and green tea extract has anti-inflammatory properties, making this the perfect mask for sufferers of redness and acne. Trust us, adding this to your self care routine will have you feel fresh again in no time.

Coffee and Vanilla Pod Body Scrub - £14.95

Wake up and smell the coffee beans. This scrub will leave you energised and rejuvenated, brightening your skin and working to buff away any dryness. Coffee bean powder has exfoliating properties that help to smoothen the skin, revealing a fresh new glow. Perfect for dry skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema, this is the perfect buffing balm for your dry skin concerns.

Anti Blemish & Scar Repair Strawberry Enzyme Peel Face Mask - £29.95

Get your glow on without our acne repairing, skin hero. This gel based formula is designed to revive and rejuvenate acne prone skin, revealing a whole new glow from within. Pineapple and Green Tea extracts provide anti-inflammatory and skin smoothing properties, helping to reduce flair ups and fade scarring- this helps with both active acne and skin that's recovering from a breakout.

We love being able to introduce some more sustainable options into your self care routine- being plastic free is something we're super proud of. Check out the rest of our plastic free bathroom essentials HERE.