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Top 10 Easy Vegan Swaps.

Switching to a vegan lifestyle can feel like an overwhelming process. If you've grown up eating meat and dairy, the idea of switching to a totally new way of life may leave you wondering where to start. Here at nuddy, we truly believe that any step in the right direction matters. Whether you want to cut down on your dairy intake for health reasons, or you fancy cutting out the meat to help with your carbon footprint, sometimes you have to make gradual changes to ensure the process is more effective.

Whether it's food or beauty-related, there are SO many easy swaps that can help make a difference in your day to day life. We've popped together a list of 10 swaps to help kickstart your vegan journey. Let's goooooo....

1. Swap your dairy milk for- Oatly Oat Drink Barista Edition

Oatly Barista Foamable Edition 1ltr – Food Republic 

If you're a coffee and tea fanatic, you'll know how important it is to get the right type of milk for your brew. Oatly Barista Edition is a vegan milk that tastes just like the real thing- except it's made from oats, rather than cow's milk. Trust us, this is the BEST when it comes to making your beverages that little bit more sustainable.

2. Swap your regular bottled shampoo for= nuddy Shampoo Bars


Of course we had to give ourselves a shout out here. We are a totally vegan brands, and we think that switching to our shampoo bars is a great way to vegan-ify your hair routine. Plus, not only are they vegan-friendly, they're also cruelty free, 100% plastic free and salon-quality too. YAY. Shop them HERE.

3. Swap your honey for= The Groovy Food Company Agave Nectar Syrup 

A Sweet Alternative - The Groovy Food Company's Agave Nectar

If you want an alternative to your honey fix, this is a great way to go. Rather than relying on bee byproduct, agave nectar is made from blue agave plants, meaning it's all natural baaaby. This is a perfect addition to your morning porridge, herbal tea, greek yoghurt- the possibilities are endless.

4. Swap your mascara for= Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Better Than Sex Collection | TooFaced

You might not have thought about it before, but SO many makeup products contain animal byproducts- gross, right?! If you're looking for a vegan way to make your lashes look fabulous, we love Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. The highly acclaimed product will leave your lashes looking super defined and extra sexy.

5. Swap your regular dairy ice cream fix for= Alpro Almond Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Alpro Almond Salted Caramel Ice Cream 500ml 

You might be thinking that there's no way you can enjoy your ice cream fix once you switch to a vegan friendly life... WRONG! There are so many vegan alternatives to dairy ice creams now, and we love this one by Alpro. Flavoured with sweet salted caramel, you can enjoy the whole tub without the guilt (you know you want to).

6. Swap your sweets for= Candy Kittens Tropical Mango 

Candy Kittens - Tropical Mango Gourmet Sweets (125g) - TheVeganKind  Supermarket

As you're probably aware, lots of sweets contain gelatine (pork fat), meaning they are off the cards vegan-wise. These ones from Candy Kittens are dreaaamy and they are totally vegan friendly too- plus they are just hands down adorable. We love this tropical mango flavour, but they have a whole range to check out.

7. Swap your regular cleanser for= Biossance 100% Squalane Oil

Biossance | Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil, Squalane + Probiotic Gel  Moisturizer, Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel: Review | The Happy Sloths: Beauty,  Makeup, and Skincare Blog with Reviews and Swatches

Looking for a great way to get your face squeaky clean? This oil based cleanser from Biossance is super hydrating, so it won't leave your skin feeling stripped of moisture and flaky. The vegan formula is excellent at getting rid of every last scrap of makeup, leaving you with a super glooooow.

8. Swap your self tanner for= Tanologist Self Tan Water

Self-Tan Water Dark

Vegan tanning may not have been something you've ever thought about but Tanologist is one of the best in the game. The have a whole range of products, but their tanning water is by far our favourite- it's clear formula means you won't be left with any streaky tan marks over your clothes and bedsheets either.

9. Swap your meat for= Plant Kitchen No Beef Meatballs

New Year, Same Me? | AD | Sarah Kirby Cruelty Free Blog

There are a tonne of vegan ranges out there these days, but we're obsessed with M&S's Plant Kitchen. Their No Meat Meatballs are even more tasty than the real thing- they are the perfect with spaghetti or even as part of a veggie stew. Get yourself down to M&S and check out this gorgeous range, ASAP.

10. Swap your scent for= Floral Street Sunflower Pop Eau de Parfum

Did you know that most perfumes contain musk which is an animal secretion? How GROSS is that?! Floral Street is a completely vegan brand that creates beautiful perfumes that don't cost the earth- or the animals. We are obsessed with this scent that has been created in collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum- did someone say sunflowers?

Shop our vegan-friendly soap bars HERE