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Go Green in the Bathroom.

Hands up who loves the planet? We most certainly do. Here at nuddy, we love creating products that help cut down on plastic in the bathroom, and we know that this is a matter close to the heart of our lovely community too. We’re super passionate about finding sustainable alternatives for everyday items in order to look after the natural world, WITHOUT sacrificing how we look and feel.

By now, you should definitely know alllllll about our plastic-free soaps, shampoo bars and safety razor (if not, where’ve you been?!). But which other bathroom hacks can help you along your journey to becoming a fully fledged eco-queen? 

Our lovely nuddy community member, Meg, has rounded up some super simple ways to keep your bathroom routine as environmentally friendly as possible. She is taking part in Clear on Plastics and Recycle Now’s campaign to reduce and recycle bathroom plastic and wants to help you change your habits. Take it away, Meg...

Squeaky clean.

The bathroom is where we like to get ourselves nice and clean, so it makes sense to ensure the bathroom itself is also pristine. If you wander into your local supermarket, you might be disappointed to discover that most cleaning products come in plastic – but there ARE ways you can make some sustainable choices. Wet wipes certainly get the job done, but a washable cloth and cleaning spray can be just as effective. Plus, you don’t even need to buy a new cloth– an old t-shirt that you don’t wear anymore can be repurposed as a cleaning rag and will do the trick just as well.

It’s also important to remember that there are a whole range of natural alternatives to cleaning products out there. For example, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, and lemon are all really useful for sprucing up your bathroom. From unblocking the shower drain, to leaving metal taps sparkling, your bathroom can look just as fresh when you strip off and go au natural...

Let’s go round again.

We all know recycling is super important, but do you always recycle what’s in your bathroom? If you’re forgetful like us, make life easy for yourself by popping an extra bin in the bathroom to recycle all your bottles and tubs. If you’re working with limited floorspace, try hanging a bag on the back of your bathroom door instead – you can just pop in any recyclables and take them downstairs to the bin when it’s full. 

It's important to note that there are some common items that sometimes get missed on the recycling radar – so make it your mission to keep all these things in the recycling bin:

-Toilet roll tubes.

-Toothpaste boxes.

-Hand wash bottles– just remember to take the pump off first as these can’t be recycled.

-All your used nuddy packaging (there should be plenty).

Filler queen

Refill is all the rage these days. From non-perishable foods to washing up liquid, there are plenty of items that you can add to your refill list. When it comes to the bathroom, why not try refillable cleaning products (where lemon doesn’t work, of course)? 

There are plenty of brands that offer a more sustainable option to endless wasteful plastic bottles. We are particularly in love with Smol, a revolutionary sustainable cleaning brand that offers bottles for life and cleaning products in tablet form; you simply pop the tablet in your water-filled bottle and you’re good to start spraying. Alongside cleaning sprays, they also sell laundry detergent, fabric conditioner and dishwasher tablets. Go Smol!

Speaking of refills, what about your makeup bag? Whether it’s solid blusher, lipstick, or deodrant, there are loads of ways you can cut back on the plastic in your beauty regime. With options like Wild’s refillable deodorants and washable cotton pads from brands such as Face Halo and Smuge, the beauty world is slowly but surely becoming less wasteful and much more sustainable. To level up your eco-game, you could even make your own washable pads from scrap fabrics. DIY, baby.

Plus, let's not forget that nuddy is a brand that's leading the way for a more sustainable shaving experience. Our 100% brass safety razor was recently voted The Indy’s List’s favourite environmentally friendly razor option, beating the likes of Estrid to take the coveted top spot. Our razor will last you a LIFETIME, gives a super close shave and looks cute as hell in your bathroom- what's not to love?

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Get naked

Here at nuddy, we are obsessed with being naked – both packaging-wise and IRL. Much like our plastic-free soap and shampoo bars, there are LOTS of products you can use in the bathroom that come without any plastic nastiness. Many companies sell toilet rolls wrapped in paper rather than plastic, which can itself be used again for crafting, making notes, or even wrapping paper. You can even opt for a plastic free alternative for your pearly whites. If you’re feeling adventurous, try toothpaste tablets instead of the tubes you can’t recycle – just add water! 

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Working these simple tricks into your every day will help you channel your inner eco goddess and give Mother Earth a helping hand. Every action makes a difference – which one will you try first? If you find these useful, show us your eco-tips in action on social media and remember to tag @nuddyofficial – we love to see how our wonderful community work their magic!

You can check our Clear on Plastics and Recycle Now's campaigns over on Insta: @clearonplastics and @recyclenow_uk.