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Our Top Vegan Easter Eggs for 2021.

Oh spring time. The season full of flowers, newborn animals and light nights- what else has as much ability to, well, put a spring in your step? With Easter fast approaching, we are getting SUPER excited at the prospect of a weekend full of sunshine and chocolate. Not to mention we will be able to meet in groups of 6 (or 2 households) in private gardens, eeeeek!!! 

Now onto the important bit- Easter eggs.  If anyone ever tells you you’re too old for Easter eggs, don’t listen to them. You can NEVER be too old for a chocolatey treat. For anyone searching for a vegan friendly Easter treat, we know that it can be super frustrating to find the bare minimum in your local supermarket (who wants boring chocolate?!). That’s why we’ve rounded up our best vegan finds, just for you. Whether you’re buying for yourself (HELL YES) or you want to treat someone you love, these goodies are the perfect way to get your Easter chocolate fix, vegan style.

Nomo Hazelnot Crunch Choc Egg and Drops- £5.99

Nomo is at the top of the vegan choc game, and their range of easter eggs reflect this, big time. We particularly love this faux-nutty treat, which will satisfy your cravings without the need for any dairy, gluten, egg or nuts. Inspired by the gap in the market for those who opt out of animal byproducts and those with allergies, Nomo wanted to make sure not one of these individuals was suffering with FOMO (that’s fear of missing out, fyi…). Get this in your basket, ASAP.

Doisy and Dam Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with Almond Nuttercups-£8

Doisy and Dam is one of the funkiest vegan dark chocolate brands around. Made with natural and ethically sourced ingredients, D&D is a B-Corp which is a business committed to being a force for good, meaning you can enjoy their sweet treats whilst also supporting an incredible cause. Not only does this set include a delicious dark choc egg, it also includes their infamous Nuttercups- think Reese’s cups but without the guilt. What’s not to love?

Moo Free Original Easter Egg-£2.99

A cult dairy free chocolate brand, Moo Free has a biiiiiig range of eggs to get your taste buds tingling this easter, e.g honeycomb, orange, mint, the list goes on… This egg also contains a surprise Choccy Chum bar inside- bonus!!! These eggs come in the cutest packaging  which makes it a perfect gift for any of your non-dairy friends, plus at £2.99 they are super affordable. We call that a win-win.

Happi Oat Milk Chocolate Egg-£9.99

Oat milk is by far our favourite dairy free alternative, so we were super excited to see Happi’s oat milk chocolate egg. This brand is fully sustainable and uses ethically sourced ingredients to make their vegan delights, and this egg is no exception. Not only does this taste GREAT, the packaging is also fully recyclable/compostable. This makes us so Happi (we had to).

Vegan Chocolate 'Hoppy Easter' Selection Box-£13.99

The Vegan Kind Supermarket is an online superstore for all your vegan essentials. This year, they have compiled their own adorable bundle full of tasty treats, all wrapped up in the most B.E.A.U.T. packaging. Containing treats from the likes of Love Raw, Clarana and Considerit Chocolate, this hamper will make the CUTEST easter gift- why not send it over to a friend or family member that you haven’t seen in a while? 2021 is officially the year for treating yourself, because, well, we said so.

Rhythm 108 Organic Swiss Chocolate Truffle Mini Easter Eggs-£1.99

Rhythm 108 are a Swiss made Vegan chocolate brand that are inspired by the notion of slow living. That means carefully crafting high quality treats from modern day values: plant-based, wholesome and natural. These truffle eggs are filled with a creamy ganache, making them the perfect chocolatey snack. If a full sized Easter egg feels a bit excessive, this is the perfect, slightly more modest, option. Go on, treat yourself.

Mummy Meagz Chuckie Egg-£1.55

Missing out on a Creme Egg this year? Don’t worry, Mummy Meagz has you covered. Founded  in East Yorkshire, this family run business broke the local stigma around many vegan foods- yes, they can be vegan AND really tasty. If you’re not fancying a full sized easter egg this year, the Chuckie Egg is the perfect pocket-sized alternative. The rich dark chocolate, filled with sweet fondant will satisfy your cravings without sacrificing your ethics. WARNING: once you have one, you may not be able to resist having another...

The Conscious Candy Co. White Chocolate Fried Egg Bar-£3.50

Two of our fave things- white chocolate and fried eggs, what’s not to love? Our friends over at the Conscious Candy Co. have the most incredible selection of vegan goodies, ranging from old school sweetshop favourites, to divine chocolate bars. If you’re not fussed about a full sized Easter egg, this is a great mini treat to help celebrate the bank hol. Whilst you’re there, you may as well order their 1kg bag of fried eggs too, just in case you’re left craving a little bit more...