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Top 5 Suggestions For Your Lockdown Valentine’s Day.

Ahhhh February 14th, the infamous day of love. Valentine’s day is one that nuddy looks forward to for lotsssss of reasons. A day designed for spreading love is totally up our street and we can only thank St. Valentine for making such an impact that we still celebrate his special day all these years after the tradition began. However, a pandemic was certainly NOT on Cupid’s agenda. Throwing a lockdown into the mix and the mood can definitely be dampened, leaving us feeling less than lovestruck.

Not sure how to make a virtual/isolation date as fun as the real thing? Single and dreading being locked up, endlessly doomscrolling through COUNTLESS lovey-dovey posts on Insta?  Don’t worry, we have you covered. Whether you’ve got your partner to hand, you’re dating life is staying strictly on Zoom, or you’re wanting fun Galentine’s plans instead, take a look at our suggestions that will make your heart race this Feb 14th.

1). Food: The Language of Love.

We believe there is no greater love letter to your dearest one (or yourself) than some DELICIOUS food. Whether you’re a cooking prodigy, or takeaways are more your style, why not feed your body with something naughty this V day. Restaurants may be closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate a romantic date night from the comfort of your own kitchen. Go all out- we’re talking starter, main AND dessert- why the hell not?! If you can’t treat yourself and your dearest one on the day of loooooove, when else can you?

2). Netflix Party.

If you haven’t heard about Netflix’s super cool extension feature, Teleparty, let us fill you in. Without doubt, this is the ultimate virtual movie night platform. The site has a chat feature that allows users to watch a film together from separate devices whilst still being able to chat about what’s going down. If you’re unable to cuddle up with your loved one for a movie night, this is the next best thing. Think of this as MSN meets Cineworld, except you won’t be kicked out of the cinema for telling your significant other how much you fancy a break to that beautiful city they’re showing on screen right now…

3). Draaaanks for 2.

If you’re lucky enough to be in touching distance of your nearest and dearest, then we think a lockdown cocktail party is the answer for you. Stock up on the ingredients for your FAVE drinks, pop on the tunes and get shaking, baby. This date night is guaranteed to be full of two of our favourite things- giggles and tipsiness. Whilst day drinking may be off the cards at the moment, that doesn’t mean you and your lover need miss out. We also suggest throwing some drinking games in there too- a kiss per spirit measure etc…

4). Self care, baby.

Whether you’ve got someone to spend the day with or not, we believe it would be criminal to skimp on the self-care this Valentine’s day. Sometimes all you need is a night in to focus on yourself and give yourself a bit of TLC. Cue a face mask, Netflix and allllll the sweet treats you could imagine. Whether you fancy watching a fun film, a relaxing bath (with our heavenly products, of course) or settling down to read that novel you’ve been meaning to start, make sure you spend V-day in a way that will make you feel happy and fulfilled- you truly deserve it. *lights nuddy candle *

5). Ladies night goes online. 

Wondering how to match this year’s Galentine’s with the usual bar crawls, bottomless brunches and movie nights? Fear not. Our social lives have taken one giant leap online this year and why should Galantine’s be an exception. It’s safe to say that Zoom has been an absolute STAPLE throughout 2020, and it will undoubtedly remain the ultimate platform for virtual group contact. Why not arrange a virtual Galantine’s evening with your besties this year?  Whether it’s a  fun quiz night, fancy dress and drinks from afar or even a cook-along, Zoom can facilitate ALLLLL your virtual hang out needs. 


Whether you’re spending V-day alone, you’re separated from a loved one or you’re lucky enough to be locked down with your lover this year, we want you to have the BEST day of loooooove you possibly can. 

Stay safe and spread the * virtual * love this year, lovelies.