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How Can My Hair Benefit From Shampoo Bars?

So, you've tried and tested a tonne of shampoos. From the cheaper high street options, to more premium brands, the search for the perfect shampoo seems endless. Many leave your hair feeling lank and weighed down, whereas some strip your hair, leaving it looking drier than ever. 

Sound familiar? Most of us are on the lookout for a product that will make our hair look and feel amazing. Did you ever consider this could be in solid form? Most people assume that shampoo bars are better for the environment, but perhaps not the best when it comes to looking after your hair. And that's not strictly a lie. Many solid hair alternatives are more eco friendly, but compromise on quality - they may save water and plastic, but they leave your hair looking terrible.

That's where nuddy is different. We knew that people didn't just want a more sustainable hair option - they wanted one that *actually* improved their hair, too. Because, let's face it, we want results when we're paying for a product. If you're new to the solid shampoo game, or you want to know a little bit more about why nuddy will be your hair's new BFF, then this one's for you. Read on to find out how YOUR hair will benefit from our award winning shampoo bars.


Girl holding shampoo bar over shoulder

Having a premium formula is a key sign that a shampoo is going to serve your hair well. All 3 of our shampoo bars are created with organic argan and coconut oils. These super nourishing oils are great for smoothing, hydrating and strengthening your locks - our bars don't just wash your hair, they treat it too. Organic oils gain their status after being certified by a third party that they're free from conventional pesticides and other byproducts - AKA it's produced without any damaging nasties. These super nourishing ingredients help to hydrate even the most damaged of locks.


Girl holding up shampoo bar

If you've ever taken the time to read the bottle of your shampoo whilst you take a leisurely bath, then you may be met with a list of confusing, chemical-sounding ingredients. Most high street shampoo bars contains a load of damaging components, a main culprit being SLS, AKA, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. This is a lathering agent that helps to create the foamy lather found in most shampoos. The issue is, it's a super drying ingredient that has been found to cause major scalp irritation and dryness to your hair (click here to find out more on why SLS is so damaging for your hair).

Our bars are totally free from SLS, meaning they won't cause the same damage and irritation that so many other shampoos do. They're also totally free from Paraben and Phthalates, PLUS they;'re 100% cruelty free and vegan friendly. What's not to love?!


Blonde bouncy hair

Besides cleaning your hair, the main reason you invest in a shampoo is so it will make your hair look good, right? Our shampoo bars are excellent for leaving you feeling like you've just stepped out of the salon. In fact, Beauty Editor of the Guardian, Sali Hughes, even stated that our Ultra Volume shampoo bar was the "best she'd tried'. Our Ultra Volume bar is designed to give you that post blow dry effect, all without the £££. If shine is your thing, make sure to go for our Daily Shine Treatment bar - it will leave your hair looking glossier than ever. Orrrr, if you want some added thickness to the lengths of your hair, our Extra Thickening bar is perfect for you.


Girl with sunglasses and bubble braids

Many of us are looking for ways we can help our locks. Well, guess what, our shampoo bars can help with that, too. Our Extra Thickening shampoo bar went viral on TikTok as a total hair growth hero; it's formula helps to strengthen the hair, preventing breakages and promoting growth. The key to hair growth is keeping your locks in the best condition - and that's exactly what our bars do. 


Girl smiling with afro hair

If you're a curly girl, you'll know that the average hair routine doesn't apply to you. From wavy locks to afro hair, curls require a more in depth, nourishing routine to ensure that hair is kept in great condition. Fortunately, our shampoo bars are curly girl method approved, meaning they can be used on all kinds of hair types. Our bars have been raved over by curly content creators like @curlyzia and @ , who have featured our bars in their routines a TONNE of times. You can find out more about the curly girl method here.


Hair washing over sink

Have you ever dried your hair, just to be met with that horrible waxy feeling coating your locks? This can be caused formula residue left to coat your strands of hair, much of which comes from silicones and parabens. Not only does this leave your hair feeling horrible (and looking greasy), it also prevents products from actually reaching your hair, as each strand is being covered in this waxy coating. Luckily for you, our bars are totally silicone free, meaning you won't be left with lank, heavy hair that looks and feels like it needs washing every day.