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How To Make Your Sex Life More Sustainable.

When it comes to our sex lives, sustainability is probably not the top thing on our list of desires. But, there's no reason why we can't make this part of our lives as planet friendly as possible. From eco friendly sex toys, to vegan friendly lube and condoms, we've put together a list of 5 essential things you need to make your sexy time good for you AND the planet.  

Featuring some of our favourite sustainable brands, get ready to make your sex life extra fun and extra planet friendly...

Roam Natural Latex Condoms


Roam is a UK based brand that is focused on two of our fave things - sex positivity and helping the planet. Their natural latex condoms are created with up to 40% less plastic, meaning they have saved 800kg of plastic so far by switching up people's safe sex routines. All of their ingredients are ethically sourced, plus their condoms are 100% natural, vegan and recyclable. So, make sure the next time you get down to it, you're doing it safely for yourself and the planet.

Hanx Vegan Lube

Lube in bottles

Keeping things wet 'n' wild in the bedroom is essential for a great sex life. Hanx has the perfect vegan friendly lube - it's water based, chemical free and ready to help you turn things up a notch with or without a partner. It's also PH balanced, which means you won't be left with any irritation down there. We're obsessed with Hanx - they really are the best when it comes to giving you a greener sex life.

Fruity Booty Underwear

Woman wearing underwear

Wearing underwear that makes you feel sexy as hell in the bedroom is an essential part of having feel good sex. We're obsessed with Fruity Booty - all of their undies are made from deadstock + sustainably sourced materials, making them as planet friendly as possible. You can choose from a whole range of underwear that comes arrives without plastic, too - Fruity Booty have a zero single use plastic policy throughout their supply chain. What a DREAM.

Gaia Eco Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrators

Eco friendly sex toys? Who knew. Gaia have made the world's first biodegradable bullet vibrator, made from plant based material, Biofeel. This toy also creates less greenhouse gas emission than any other out there, plus it's rechargable via a USB cable. Not convinced? This review from Pabo says it all: "Excellent price and rechargeable, discreet for taking everywhere. The vibration modes are wowww".

So Divine Sensual Massage Oil

Lube on hand


If you're looking for a little rub down action with your partner, this vegan friendly massage oil by So Divine is the perfect thing for you. Scented with fig and sandalwood, this sensual oil is sexy, sweet and ready to upgrade your intimate time, tenfold. Plus, you can grab it now for just £1.99 on their site - what a bargain.