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5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Blue Monday.

Blue Monday, the third Monday of January, is a day that was dubbed the most depressing day of the year by Sky Travel back in 2005. Based on various factors - cold weather, the post Christmas blues, and the fact January can just feel like a bit of a cr*p time - it's understandable to see why people might be feeling a bit down at this time of year in particular.

If Monday is getting you down a little more than usual today, then you're not alone. That's why we've put together 5 simple ways you can add a bit of sparkle into your day, today. These are easy steps that will get you through this drag of a day.

Take at least 10 minutes to do something you love.

Self care

It's Monday and you probably have a day at work ahead - but that doesn't mean you can't take a chunk of you're time to do something that make you happy. Whether it's reading your book, watching an episode of your most loved show or spending some time doing your favourite hobby, make sure you inject some fun into your day.

Get those endorphins pumping.

Exercise aesthetic

Whether you're a big fan of exercise or not, getting some activity in your day is sure fire way to get those endorphins flowing. A gym session might sound like the opposite of fun, but even if you just head out for a stroll, your body and mind will certainly thank you for it. They don't call them feel good chemicals for nothing.

Speak to someone you love.

Speak to someone you love

Having a chat with someone you love is guaranteed to take away some of today's blues. Prioritise having a cuppa with your friend, family or neighbour today. Remember those endorphins we just mentioned? Well they are also released through laughter. Catching up on the latest goss and having a giggle with one of your favourite people is a simple way to boost your mood today. Busy? Give them a call or a Facetime instead.

Cook your favourite tea.

Making pizza

We don't know about you, but great food always puts us in a good mood. Improve your day by cooking something you love for tea tonight. Whether it's an elaborate meal made with love, or just your favourite flavour of Pot Noodle, pick something that will make you feel good. If it makes your evening better, it's 100% worth it.

Practise some self care.

Girl applying face mask

Self care has been a real buzzword over the past decade, but there is still so much value in taking real care of yourself. If you can, take some time out of your evening to do something for yourself - it could be having a bubble bath, painting your nails, or even something as simple as washing your hair. Why not use some of your favourite nuddy products? We guarantee that the delightful scent of our soap and shampoo bars will leave you feeling uplifted, plus our Whipped Green Clay Face Mask and Anti Blemish + Scar Repair Strawberry Enzyme Peel Mask are the perfect pick me ups for your skin. End your Blue Monday with a fresh glow and a real spring in your step.