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The Benefits of Drinking More Water.

Water’s the best, right? Like, seriously. The best. Not only is it the ultimate thirst-quencher, but it’s free! We’re #blessed in the UK that we can drink straight from the tap, and you can ask for a free refill in any café, bar, or restaurant. On top of this, drinking water is beyond good for you.

Need help persuading your other half to drink their 2 litres a day? (Why yes, this is me speaking from experience!) Here are some of the major benefits of drinking water.

Glowing skin

Water keeps your whole body nice and hydrated, and flushes out lots of toxins. The benefit for your skin is that it stays soft – water is basically a moisturiser that works from the inside out! Water on its own will help. Pair it with a great skincare routine and you’re onto a winner.

Improved digestion

We get it, after a long week it feels so good to indulge in a huge dinner and a glass of wine. (More than one? Girl, we don’t judge.)

But pairing that big meal with a glass of water will do wonders for how easily you can digest it all. This can help to prevent that bloated, crampy feeling we all sometimes get when we’ve eaten lots. Water’s certainly better than anything fizzy, and you can always swap back to your Diet Coke or Prosecco when you’re finished eating!

Remember, it’s a mood booster

Drinking water helps get the blood flowing around your body, including up to your
brain. Blood carries oxygen with it, which helps your brain stay fresh and energised. This is a great way of improving your mood, concentration, and short-term memory. Busy day at work? You might be gasping for your morning espresso, but a big glass of H20 might help you stay on top form!

Sugar low

Looking after your teeth is always a smart move. Sugar can break down the plaque on your teeth and weaken them over time, and drinking lots of juices and fizzy drinks can contribute to this. Water, though? Sugar-free!

Stay regular, babes.

Nope, not your cycle. There are other ways for your body to be regular! Yep, we’re talking *digestion* again. Drinking water helps all your bodily functions stay nice and healthy, preventing any feelings of discomfort and helping you avoid, ahem, bathroom emergencies.