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Everything You Need To Know About Plastic Free Beauty Day.

Take a look around your makeup cabinet and you're likely to find an abundance of one thing - plastic. Whether it's the casing of your blusher, or the bottle your toner comes in, it can feel impossible to avoid the waste when it comes to your beauty routine. That's why Plastic Free Beauty Day was created.

Created in 2019 by We Are Paradoxx founder, Yolanda Cooper, this day is dedicated to challenging the over reliance of plastic packaging in the beauty industry. As a plastic free brand, we are super supportive of this cause, which is why we want to shout about it and give you some more tips on how you can strip back the plastic in your beauty regime.

Why was Plastic Free Beauty Day created?

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Yolanda Cooper is the CEO of sustainable beauty brand, We Are Paradoxx, who have plastic free packaging at the heart of everything they do. She started Plastic Free Beauty Day in 2019, in order to raise awareness about just how much the beauty industry contributes to the global issue of plastic pollution, through education and action. The day highlights the importance of repurposing and reducing plastic, rather than relying on recycling.

Why is going plastic free in your beauty routine so important?

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Did you know that the beauty industry produces around 120 billion units of packaging every single year? This terrifying figure shows just how real the impact this sector has on the environment and why action needs to be taken, fast. Since the beginning of big scale plastic product in the 1950s, only around 9% of the world's plastic has been recycled, which shows the solution is not in recycling - it's about cutting it out altogether. 

What is nuddy doing to help?

Here at nuddy, we're super proud to be 100% plastic free. All of our products are packaged in FSC certified cardboard, amber glass jars or aluminium tins, meaning you have one less plastic to worry about when you place your order. If you're looking for a brand that won't contribute to plastic pollution, all without compromising on quality, then nuddy is for you. You can even check out our full plastic free skincare routine here.

How can I join in with Plastic Free Beauty Day?

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If you're looking to cut back on your plastic waste, then why not start today? There are some great plastic free brands out there (ourselves included, of course), plus there are SO many ways you can repurpose your current plastic beauty products. Why not check out our blog post on 5 ways you can reduce plastic in your beauty routine? 

Make sure to follow @plasticfreebeautyday and keep your eyes peeled over on @nuddyofficial and @nuddydiaries for our upcoming Plastic Free July content. Trust us, you won't want to miss out...